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If you’ve ever heard of TheSecondTier you might wonder what all the hype is about. I’ve experienced a lot of affiliate programs and I got so tired of how little the companies seemed to care about me.

I was busting my butt to make serious sales for them and all they would give me was a few ads and emails and that was it. I’m not one to complain normally but come on here, throw me a bone.
As soon as I found out about Russell Brunson’s TheSecondTier I did a dance around my office (after I made sure no one was watching)!

Russell really knows what makes an affiliate happy and delivered it. TheSecondTier is an affiliate training center that, in addition to giving affiliates generous commissions for selling high-quality products, also trains them on HOW to become a successful affiliate.

I knew you’d be interested so I included a link to TheSecondTier so you could check it out:

The Second Tier

Russell’s innovative two tier system means more commissions for us. Here’s how it works. Say you refer one other person to TheSecondTier and they start cranking out sales, you’ll still get a commission check even if you didn’t make one sale that month. This was always the case, but recently, the site went under major renovations. To be honest, I felt like my arm was cut off for a few days while it was under construction but the wait was absolutely worth it! Now, with a completely redesigned user interface and more resources than ever before it is now the most important tool I use to boost my income dramatically.

I know that some people pay thousands to get into seminars where Russell teaches them how to become better affiliates and how to make more money on the web. But this is your chance to get FREE training from the expert and make some serious profits at the same time.

Again, here is the link where you can get your own personal account to TheSecondTier:

The Second Tier

And if you haven’t done any internet marketing before, don’t worry. After you create an account you’ll have access to training videos that will walk you through the step-by- step process of affiliate marketing.

So go ahead and do a little dance around your office too— I won’t laugh!

To your success,


P.S. Check out the Affiliate Manager’s Blog. Brent and Garrett are very experienced and they have been posting their training there.

The Second Tier

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